Music is special...and worth collecting

Presenting 9 one-of-a-kind multimedia pieces

The Music IS Art Exhibition

About the Project

In the day of digital downloads and file sharing, music has become a commodity.  The way music is marketed and consumed today takes some of the "specialness" out of it.

Our goal is to demonstrate that songs and the visuals they inspire are authentic pieces of art that are worth collecting and sharing with others.  The pairing of a unique, one song vinyl recording with a one-of-a-kind of visual piece on a 12" record sleeve canvas creates something far more interesting than an iPod file or Mp3.  These pieces tangibly demonstrate the work and craft that goes into producing this crucial art form.

This exhibition was displayed in Soho, NY at the Cupping Room Cafe gallery from October 11-November 11, 2012, and featured two live performances by Passion Project. Each piece is now on display and available for purchase on this site.

About the Work

Music is Art features the songs of NY Independent band Passion Project and 9 established visual artists: Brian Bishop; Ida Kvetny; Anne Sherwood Pundyk; Gail Stoicheff; Amanda Dow Thompson; Chris Trueman; Jeremy Szopinski; Jovan Karlo Villalba; and Nad Wolinska.

Each piece is presented on 12" record sleeves and a one-of-a-kind vinyl pressing of the Passion Project song that inspired it and a b-side track.  We encourage you to view the visual piece and associated song simultaneously.

Cover image on this page: "The Optimist's Lament" by Jeremy Szopinski.